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Teacher Louise Clarke, Week 3 Who Am I and Adding Colour

St Matthews N.S. Teacher Journal : Teacher Louise Clarke

Week 3 Who Am I and Adding Colour

December 5, 2017

We began by looking and responding to images Anna had collected and sent on to us of pieces of art incorporating text. We discussed how we could use text in Self Portraits to add another dimension of ‘self’

We all chatted about questions you might ask a new friend to get to know them, a list was written on the board and we then worked in pairs to ‘interview’ each other using these questions.

With the words fresh in their mind the children jotted down some words and phrases into their sketchbooks under the heading

‘Who Am I’

The children were encouraged to not worry about spelling, legible writing and even to write in their own language (we have fourteen children in our class for whom English is not their native language)

We’d been patiently drying out our paper mache pieces and allowing anyone who missed out to create or to finish off unfinished pieces.

Anna got a chance to chat to and help the children who had missed session two and while that was happening we worked in groups to choose a solid colour to paint the objects, reminding the children they would have to complete the other side when the first side was dry.

The children removed the middle page of their sketchbooks and used carbon and the photographs from Week one to begin a second portrait, adding some text from the ideas jotted down in their sketchbooks.