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Teacher Louise Clarke, Self Portraits Week 1

St Matthews N.S. Teacher Journal : Teacher Louise Clarke

Self Portraits Week 1

December 5, 2017

We were lucky enough to have Anna’s visit to kick off this phase of the project, we felt that this had worked really well for everybody in the previous project.

Before the session on Thursday I had began the project over a few days through literacy and oral language by getting the children to bring in an object that was special to them and enabling them to speak to the class about it and answer any questions anybody had in a ‘show and tell’ style. This was such a worthwhile exercise as the children all had such meaningful and deeply personal attachments to their objects and it helped me to get them to know them a little bit better too!

I then took a photograph of each child which were all printed for using in the first session.


Anna arrived with an abundance of material and ideas and got to introduce herself to the class in person, the children loved this and were fascinated.


The children then began creating a self portrait using the photograph over carbon onto cardboard and the children added colour using a selection of acrylic paint, coloured pencils, oil pastels, scrapbook paper cuttings, textured paper, wool, thread, and marker pens.

Despite my apprehension of letting 28 children loose with such  variety of materials, images of paint splattered walls and visions of Star Wars style light sabre battles with oil pastels the children were really amazing and were very respectful and patient towards each other when sharing the materials and the results they got looked truly fantastic, they will finish these pieces over the next few sessions.