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Artist Anna Spearman, Week 2 with 4th class, St. Mathews NS

St Matthews N.S. Artist Journal : Artist Anna Spearman

Week 2 with 4th class, St. Mathews NS

December 7, 2017

We began this session by looking at a variety of made objects including figurative, functional and decorative objects made of different materials.  I thought it might be inspiring to look at the different shapes of the objects as well as the way that they were finished or decorated.  We began by making an armature out of scrunched up newspaper and masking tape.  Some of the objects were easier to make than others – some needed to work in pairs and help each other out.  When the tape ran out the children used tin foil to cover the objects…the idea was to build up the shape of the object and give it a smoothish skin before beginning to add papier mache.  Louise had made up a flour and water papier mache recipe that I had found online.  It was the first time I had used it and it worked really well.  Its a bit easier to use than wall paper paster or glue and cheaper obviously!

After the objects had been covered in a layer or two of the paier mache and left to dry the class spent some time working in their sketchbooks.  They made some notes and drew sketches of their treasured objects and came up with some ideas about how they might finish them.