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Artist Kiera O'Toole, Session 3

St Cecilia's N.S Artist Journal : Artist Kiera O'Toole

Session 3

November 23, 2017

This week was about ‘touch’ in drawing. Students kneeled on the paper to feel for the outline of a shape (various cardboard shapes were underneath). The students need to name and draw around the shape in a colour of their choice in oil pastel.

It was difficult to review the drawing as the camera in St Cecilia’s wasn’t focusing so I found it hard to see the details of the drawing. This presented a problem: what questions could I ask if I couldn’t see the drawing? As a solution, the students, teachers and I had a critique! I posed questions such as what shapes could they see, how many circles etc, what was the dominant colour? What colour does the drawing need? When the group saw the dominant colour was mostly white, they decided  to use more colour. So they drew coloured parallel lines between the circles. Some students needed guidance.  After each exercise, the teacher emailed an image of the updated work.