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Artist Kiera O'Toole, Session 2

St Cecilia's N.S Artist Journal : Artist Kiera O'Toole

Session 2

November 23, 2017

The students were eager to start their large scale drawing.  First, they spread rice ( yes rice! ) all over the floor. Then placed the large black sheet of paper on top. Using the frottage method, the students rubbed the oil pastels over the paper to reveal traces of the rice underneath. Some students found the process a little difficult by pressing too hard or concentrating in one area as opposed to making large sweeping marks to get an over all coverage. So, I asked the students to rub in circular motions which seemed to work better.

After which, the students reflected on the marks and noticed the circle shape dominated the drawing. The students then connected the circles with parallel lines.

I find it difficult not being able to document through photography but Janice is excellent at documenting the workshops and forwarding the images afterwards.